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ADIDAS Women’s
Challenge ’08

7th September 2008

More photos can be seen at Adidas Fun Run

This 3 miles / 5 kms event in Hyde Park is for women of all ages. Entrants can chose whether to run, jog or walk. It is always great fun.  

The Waves team of 12 included 4 Mother and Daughter pairs. 

Members of the team in the picture are: (back) Fiona, Paula, Alison, Nicola, Belinda, Sue, Jon (Trustee), Margaret and Kate (front) Katie, Alex, Issy and Anna. 

The total amount the team has raised is



Anna, Katie, Alex and Issy are pupils at High March School in Beaconsfield. (www.highmarch.co.uk)

The School raised


for Waves on their Mufti Day in July.