How can you help?

You can help by sponsoring one of our activities as shown:-


The annual Mukuru Kerrigan Challenge Cup football tournament costs 300

-     The cost covers Waves caps or visors, certificates and trophies, prizes for the players, plus organisational expenses.  

Supporting extra curricular activities such as Gymnastics, Music and Scouting encourages team spirit and personal development.

-        For example the cost of a Scout Camp for 4 days for 32 scouts is around 30 per head


Providing secondary education for a child at Mukuru costs 325 per annum for 4 years (1300)

-     This cost covers school fees and boarding costs, and leads to the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (the KCSE) examinations.

Providing tertiary education for a young person from the slums costs 650 per annum for up to 4 years

This cost covers fees and travel and living expenses and leads to a university degree, a diploma or vocational qualification, and gives a young person a real chance to find employment

Day trips for street children and slum school children to visit animal conservation centres in the  Nairobi area costs 4.00 per child

- The cost includes all transport and entry fees and provides each child with lunch.  

Sponsoring a boy at Starehe costs 1090 per annum, for 4 years

- This covers his education and board. The same amount covers one year at State university.

Sending a child on an African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) Safari costs 175 for 7 days

- This covers their travel, keep and the park fees.

Funding an Environmental Project at a poor school. The funding for the projects provided by Waves is 2000 per annum.

-   The projects are run with maximum input from the children to foster and encourage an understanding of and care for their environment.

The salary of a keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) elephant orphanage near Nairobi costs 140-250 per month

- The cost includes full board and lodging for the keeper and his family.

Supporting a village school near the Tsavo National Park

- 10 provides a child with books for Maths and English. Books about wildlife cost 20 each.

- A school trip by the DSWT bus costs 250 (10 per child)

- 40 buys a school desk.

- 900 funds an annual Sports Day for 4 rural primary schools around Tsavo.


Ways of Sponsoring


Donations by Cheque   <-- Click here
- Send a cheque

Donation by Standing Order  <-- Click here
- Make regular payments by standing order.

Donations by Bank Transfer   <-- Click here
- If you wish to make a single donation by bank transfer simply click here and fill out the form.

- If you prefer to use Internet banking to transfer a donation direct to Waves, email us for our account details.


Donations by Virgin Money Giving


 Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving  <-- Click here
- If you want to donate on line using your credit or debit card click the Virgin Money Giving logo above. Note that any credit  / debit card transactions are handled via a proven secure website.

- Your donation is in sterling, but if your card is not a UK card the donation will appear on your card account in your home currency (just like making a purchase overseas).

- If you are a UK taxpayer you can allow Waves to recover Gift Aid by completing details requested when you make your donation.

- If you want to remain anonymous when you donate, Virgin Money Giving allows this.


With any of the methods of donating above, a donation of any size made by Gift Aid allows Waves to recover a further 25p for every 1 of the donation from the Inland Revenue without costing you anything. It is simple.

Donations through Payroll Giving

- If your employer runs a Payroll Giving (Give As You Earn) scheme you can donate to Waves from your salary before tax is deducted, so you get tax relief straight away. For example, if you are a higher rate taxpayer and you give 10 per month, it only costs you 6.

The Give As You Earn reference number for Waves is GYE 0360289

Find out from your payroll department if your employer is one of the many offering a Payroll Giving scheme. If they don’t, why not suggest that they set one up?

A Legacy
- You can mention Waves as a beneficiary in your Will; ask your solicitor.

Fund Raising Events
- You can hold a fund raising event or take part in a fund raising exercise, getting Waves nominated as the charity of choice. Waves can provide fund raising ideas.  

- You could, for example, run in the Virgin London Marathon. If you are interested, please click here

- If you already have a place in the Virgin London Marathon from their ballot, or in any other marathon or marathon / event, you could run to raise funds for Waves. We will provide personalised sponsorship forms.

- If you would like to sponsor a Waves runner in the Virgin London Marathon you can do so by clicking here. You will be able to see who they are and access their webpage to make your donation.

- You could run in the Adidas Women's Challenge for women or the BUPA London 10K. If you are interested, please email for details

- Your employer may match any funds you raise - just ask them.

Gift Aid:

If you want your donation to be treated as a Gift Aid donation and for Waves to reclaim tax on your donation, all you have to do is declare that you pay an amount of income tax and / or capital gains tax for the current year (6 April to 5 April) at least equal to the tax to be reclaimed (i.e. 25p for every 1 that you give) by Waves and other charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs that you donate to. Other taxes such as VAT and Conucil Tax do not qualify. It does not matter at what rate you pay tax just as long as the total you pay exceeds the amount that we will reclaim. So for example if you donate 10 we can reclaim 2.50 so as long as you pay more than 2.50 it is OK.

For each kind of donation there is a Gift Aid Declaration on the donation sheet. We need your name and home address, with postcode, so that the Inland Revenue could confirm you are who you say you are.

NB.  If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return or ask HMRC to adjust your tax code.